This picture is when Alice discovered fashion , well more than fashion, costumes. Yes that’s what shes likes in fashion : the way one can disguise himself and the way you can be an other person day by day. One day she likes to be a princess, one day she likes to be a working girl, one day she likes to be a seductive woman or a trashy punk. Moreover she’s been doing styling since 17 years old. More than a fashion stylist she is also a real party girl at full time. She enjoys techno but also more disco, funk and house music it’s all about the groove.
Jane, just 20 years old, is serious but not too much. She will always know how to make you laugh. Just like Brave ( Disney movie ), she has several arrows to her bow. Sometimes as a casting director, sometimes as a model and a community manager in her spare time. Her dream, dancing every night and travelling all her life.
Victor AIR-oger-, young, wild and unbound child; he is 1m83 tall and his mind and soul outweighs his physical self. Lover and video maker for Nouvelle Vogue Mag but also known as princess Vicky videos. S/he makes all your wishes come true (love, sex and rock n roll). He spent nineteen years trying to understand how to be a correct child, one year of cinema foundation course, and another to discover how to pursue a successful future as an assistant of production.
Call him Julien, call him Znaty, call him an operator, call him a cellist. The passion oscillates between the eyes and the ears. He is a video technician who captures the concerts you want, or a handyman, for as long was you wish.
 Annabelle born from both Spice girls and Japanese techno galaxy, is just a pinky girl who likes dotty people. Catch her if you can but she will always be behind you to rob those hotty vibes.
Marie, 21yo, of feminist origin, after trotter. Reporter of love and trash. Passionate of fashion, leather and glitter. She scoured all the small student jobs to finally launch herself as a stylist. 
21 year old dude , from south West of France. Quentin came to Paris to build a fashion career in PR & Stylism. He worked as a digital PR for Converse, Levi’s & New Era and became a Social Media manager for Y/PROJECT. He released his first editorial in Vanity Teen and loves to colaborate with new cimer artists, photographers or stylists. His motto « love above all »
Simi, 22 years old, who works in fashion buying in London. She is a feisty Aries who enjoys erotic literature and feminist porn. She is the London counterpart to Nouvelle Vogue, representing the Parisian team across the channel. Never classy, always trashy