Nouvelle vogue is an online web magazine dedicated to fashion of a new style, which decrypts, breaks the codes and provokes the world of fashion with humour and accuracy.
It is by attending the most hype events of Paris for over 5 years that these 2 Parisian party craving feminists have been able to share the daily life of the most famous fashion bloggers.
With a particularly sharp and hardened eye they notice over the course of meetings and interviews with French fashion bloggers that they are often very cold, too conventional and too often egocentric.
Independent, creative, passionate about fashion, images and videos, they decide to create an alternative webzine that proposes a new facet of this field in full revolution.
Nouvelle Vogue is the first all-in-one satirical fashion magazine featuring videos, photos, tutorials, music podcasts as well as debates on sexy subjects.
It is also a production department, which brings together all artistic trades such as styling, DA, make-up hairdressing, but also the production of images (photos, videos, montage, realization).
True to themselves, party crazy and music loving, they share their everyday life with the rising generation and wish to position themselves as spokespersons for girls and women who convulse the cliches and reappropriate their vision of fashion.